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Insight to Impact

Seamlessly blending insights and analytics, StratX Tools enables organizations to realize their full potential through their most important asset – their people.


Data Derived Decision Making

The StratX Tools platform empowers organizations to make smart, data-driven decisions and create a lasting competitive advantage.


Foundation of Workforce Effectiveness

A go-to resource center for businesses globally to construct workforce strategies that produce results and sustain organizational effectiveness.

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A robust platform for organizations to address their workforce in an increasingly complex labor environment

Founded in 2020 as a boutique consultancy, Strategy X Tools assisted clients globally in transforming their business operations. Today, Strategy X Tools “StratX Tools” is an experienced and trusted partner for empowering Human Resource departments to transform their business operations and ensure their workforces are productive, innovative, and engaged.

The StratX Tools team’s advanced knowledge in product development and business operations results in tool development that directly meet the needs of their subscribers. The team is supported by an advisory board deeply versed in all aspects of maximizing the potential of people, business processes, and workforces who has been at the forefront of workforce analytics and strategy for clients across the globe.


Airline Management
Compensation Survey


Airline Organizational
Analytics Tool

A strong track record and proven analytical tools helping clients make the most of the people they employ

With the unification of expansive data with robust analytical and development capabilities, our tools enable clients to tackle their most complex workforce challenges by establishing clear and measurable links between investment and results driven through human capital.

Combining a data-driven approach with deep industry experience in strategy, compensation, operations, contract negotiations, and organizational effectiveness – our platform delivers highly customized, evidence-based insights to maximize value, foster growth, and connect strategy to impactful outcomes.


Seasoned workforce strategy professionals and experienced data analysts from top-tier consulting firms as well as leaders from multiple industries


In today’s environment characterized by constant change and disruption, business leaders are seeking out work with boutique advisors, who are committed to being a trusted long-term partner.

The StratX Tools team is deeply versed in all aspects of maximizing the potential of people, business processes, and workforces. Our team has been at the global forefront of workforce analytics and strategy, having consulted directly to Fortune 500 companies and as part of engagement teams at industry-leading firms.

We also bring a unique perspective of having been at organizations like our global clients, including airlines, investment banking firms, brokerage houses, aviation service providers, car rental companies, and casinos, so we are always cognizant of their distinctive dynamics, while also being pragmatic and courageous enough to recommend dramatically new ways of leveraging data.

We leverage the generalist toolkit anchored in labor forecasting, organizational effectiveness, right-sizing, restructuring, as well as operational improvement, to deliver end-to-end and results-oriented solutions that often yield greater financial and operational benefits.

A trusted advisor dedicated to delivering end-to-end and results-oriented solutions that yield significant financial and operational benefits

Our team of professionals, equipped with extensive industry expertise and analytical rigor, has established our reputation as a reliable partner for a variety of institutions.